“‘Words That Move’ is like watching an Oscar winning movie and reading a Pulitzer Prize winning novel all at once.”



“Words That Move” is a poetic journey through a variety of different perspectives, selling out theaters all over NYC.

Profound thinker, artist, and poet Max Stossel, guides us to see the world through different eyes, together. He takes on topics like heartbreak, consciousness, social media, politics, the emotional state of our world, and even how dogs probably (most certainly) talk. Max uses rhyme and rhythm to make these topics digestible and delightful as he has us feeling and laughing through some of the most important issues of our time.

Words That Move beautifully articulates the deep-seated kernels of truth that we so often struggle to find the words for ourselves.

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Words from people whom “Words That Move” moved

"A rare opportunity to experience so many different emotions in the blink of an eye — the best bang for your buck of knowledge dropping, therapy, standup comedy, and wisdom-sharing. It’s an hour of purity."

— Stephen Youdeem

“Max masterfully breaks open challenging topics through playful and clever wordplay in ways no one else could. You will smile while being transformed without actually realizing it.”

— Radha Agrawal

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