“Max’s performance for our company was thought-provoking and inspiring. He left everyone talking about it for weeks after and motivated our internal culture in the most positive way.”



— Events —

Max delivers custom themed poetry performances for retreats, conferences, & events.

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Previous clients include:


“As an event planner, Sometimes you just need to jolt your attendees with energy. In those moments, Max Stossel is my event secret weapon.

“He draws-in the audience with a story. Surprises them with a rhyme. Focuses their attention onto a topic they care deeply about. And discusses it seriously, all while not taking himself too seriously. By the end they are creatively inspired to solve big problems.”

- Ben Hindeman, CEO, Splash

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— Workshops —

Max provides a brief overview and creates the space for the group to tap into their own creativity. Workshops range from 60 - 120 minutes and are flexible in number of participants, ages and skill levels.

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