Stop Making Murderers Famous

This video is at the center of a movement demanding national media organizations take responsibility for the contagion effect around mass shootings (Independent research conducted at Arizona State University found "that killings that receive national or international media attention do indeed inspire similar events a significant fraction of the time.) It reached 5,000,000 views on Facebook alone in about a week.

Max worked with several top digital media organizations to enact a policy on how to responsibly tell the stories of these incidents. Check out the policy and supporting research here.



Written, Co-directed & Performed by Max Stossel 
Motion Graphics & Codirected by Sander Van Dijk

Artist Collaboration

The street artist @PlasticJesus who was responsible for the "STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS" street art campaign, was inspired to make this custom piece after seeing the above video

Real Change

Shortly after the release of this video, French Media took action and stopped publishing the photos and names of terrorists. Max worked with several American digital media organizations to create a policy to responsibly cover future mass shootings. See the policy and supporting research here.

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